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March 2019 - March 2019

(1 month)

Android Academy

Android Academy is an Android development and design free course. I started there as a student about 5 years ago, a long time before Yonathan asked me to teach the "design for developers" lesson.

I was very excited about this amazing opportunity and scared a little bit even to agree to it because it was a two-hour lecture in front of 250 people.

Eventually, I agreed and then my journey began. It starts with research and building a presentation that explains the design process to developers who never faced the design part of the product development before and for designers that didn't face the coding part of the development as well.

After I formed the presentation, I performed a dry-ran with my family, friends, and the android academy team as well. I ended up with an exciting lecture that provided me some great feedback. Building the presentation, research, and the lecture itself helped me to fully understand some software and nuances that I felt I needed to sharpen and taught me other new things I didn't know. What I realized from my first time as a teacher was that teaching teaches you and makes you a pro.

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