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Tim Surkis

" Design #4 of the Android Academy course was closed off by an amazing lecture by Ravid Gal

Her charisma and vast experience made this lecture immersive and super interesting. It was a joy to watch

Thank you for coming! "


Yarin Kaplan

Animator at Papaya Gaming

January 20, 2020

" Charismatic, Energetic, Smart and always pushes forward.
Ravid is extremely fun to work with, she has a great eye for UI design and understanding the users is her second nature. She's always looking on how to improve her surrounding (and herself) and comes up with some great ideas.
I strongly recommend working with her. "


Alexander Yatzenko

Product Manager at Playtika

October 3, 2018

" I had the luck and the pleasure to work with Ravid during her time in Playtika as a UI Designer and I’m truly enthusiastic about recommending her.
I found Ravid’s talent and skills, punctuality and patience outstanding and inspiring.
She is dependable and dedicated, honest and hard-working. She worked under the guidance of the very best – we do have a superstar Creative Director on our team in Playtika.
She knows the UI/UX building inside out, and is always eager to extend her experience and imagination benefiting the product greatly.
Her contribution to our business unit is very significant, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time working together. I came to know Ravid as a really valuable asset to absolutely any team, and I’m confident she will be an extremely beneficial addition to any industry or company."


Hadas Drory Noam

Game Designer at Tangelo Games Corp.

October 6, 2018

"I worked with Ravid developing a brand new casino app from scratch. Ravid was the lead UI/UX designer on the team. She has created fantastic work for the product, from concepting and brainstorming down to the smallest detail on every button and text.

Ravid has that rare type of passion to never stop until something looks perfect and feels just right. This makes her relentless in her self-learning and ever hard working.

This in itself makes her a great addition to any team, but truly her greatest strength is how kind, generous and cheerful she is. She makes every team better for having her, and more fun to be in.

I am looking forward for the next time I could work with her - it was a privilege and a pleasure."

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