Creative Block Breaker

Workshop for creative teams

Creative Block Braker provides an enriched Art & Design workshop that has helped countless participants to break their creative blocks with new art techniqes. 

My workshop offering is unmatched and created for Creative Teams that want to get inspired by a fun creative activity that not related to their work directly but helping them to develop their design and creative thinking with a mutual mission for 2 hours of crafting.

Breaking creative blocks together
Developing effective design processes through art therapy
Formation of team

Great fun for everybody


What we going to do on our workshop


Brainstorming Ideas for mutual artwork 

Think together on the artwork's concept for a mutual artwork we will make together


Deciding what's gonna be the role of everyone on

the creative team for the mission

Crafting Cool things

Sculpting, Listening to music, eating snacks

and of course

learning about the tools and the technique we're gonna use to achieve our goal!

Show of your artwork

Present the final piece


Contact Me

Natanya, Israel